Frequently asked questions about Cadmos

What is Cadmos?

Cadmos is a fintech company utilizing blockchain technology to innovate within capital markets and facilitate cross-border payments, aiming to democratize financial accessibility worldwide. It specializes in removing intermediaries from financial transactions, providing a direct and efficient route for financial activities through its platforms: Cadmos.Finance, Cadmos.Pay, and Cadmos.IO.

What is the Cadmos Finance Tokenization Platform?

The Cadmos Finance Tokenization Platform (www.cadmos.finance) is a blockchain-based infrastructure designed to digitalize private markets, asset management, and fundraising. It leverages smart contracts and tokenization to automate transactions, maintain secure shareholder registries, and enhance the liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets by converting them into digital tokens.

How does it work?

Cadmos' platform converts traditional financial assets into digital tokens on the blockchain, representing ownership or stakes in the underlying assets. This process enables global investor access, streamlines capital raising, and investment processes. The use of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchains ensures interoperability across different blockchain environments, while smart contracts automate fund management and compliance tasks.

What are the features?

Key features include flexible deployment across EVM-compatible blockchains, instant transactions for subscriptions and redemptions, automated administration tasks through smart contracts, enhanced distribution capabilities, direct investor engagement via blockchain, customizable and white-label solutions for brand consistency, and programmable compliance with built-in mechanisms for KYC, electronic signatures, and investor whitelists.

Who is it for?

The Cadmos platform serves a wide audience in the financial ecosystem, including fund managers seeking to modernize fund administration, crowdfunding platforms, fundraising initiatives looking to utilize tokenization, investors desiring innovative and liquid investment opportunities, financial institutions integrating blockchain into their strategies, and ICOs or utility token offerings seeking a structured and compliant platform.

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