Whitelist Management

The configuration of Whitelist parameters may be accessed from the dedicated panel in the pool management navigation bar.

From here you can:

1 - Check and set-up the Whitelist Contract address

The Whitelist smart contract stores on-chain the whitelisted user data. Several pool may share the same Whitelist.

Note: Caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_WHITELIST_CHANGE privilege.

2 - Check and modify your Whitelist privileges

There are three possible whitelist management privileges:

  • Can Whitelist Addresses: Role holder can add/remove an address to/from the Whitelist.

  • Can Freeze Addresses: Role holder can freeze/unfreeze Addresses

  • Can Whitelist Addresses off-chain: Role holder can construct an off-chain signature allowing a user to add himself to the Whitelist. This is used to pass whitelisting gas costs to the user

3 - Set Investment Pool Token Transfer restrictions

Cadmos Investment Pools support three types of transfer restrictions:

  • Primary Market Whitelist: Investor needs to be whitelisted to access the primary market

  • Peer to Peer Transfer Whitelist: Peer to Peer transfers are only allowed between whitelisted addresses

  • No Peer-to-Peer Transfers: Peer to Peer transfers are disabled. This can be used to force secondary market transactions through a specific proxy (so as e.g. to implement secondary market transfer fees)

Note: Caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_TRANSFERRESTRICTION privilege.

4 - Check an Address

Checks if a given address is whitelisted or frozen

5 - Whitelist or Freeze and Address

Here you can:

  • Add a given address to the whitelist if you have the appropriate privilege.

  • Freeze a given address if you have the appropriate privilege.

6 - Cancel Investor Deposit

Used to eject an investor from the InflowPool. Typically used if you wish to freeze/unWhitelist a user who is already queued into the InflowPool.

Note: Caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_CANCEL_DEPOSIT privilege.

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