Launching an Investment Pool

The Workflow to launch an Investment Pool is accessible at Investment Pools / Create Pool

Phase I: Deploying the Smart Contracts

The first phase is to deploy the Pool contracts onto the blockchain, the form is structured along nine elements:

  1. The Blockchain: Cadmos Investment Pools can be launched on all EVM compatible chains. Contact us if the chain you would like to deploy on is not listed in this form.

  2. The Pool Base Currency or Asset: The address of the underlying token used for the Pool for accounting, depositing, and withdrawing. Token can be any standard ERC20 - some of the most popular choices are already listed on the Platform. Warning: DO NOT USE deflationary tokens or non standard ERC20.

  3. The Pool Strategist Address: The Strategist Wallet Address to which management and performance rewards are paid.

  4. The Pool Treasury Address: The address to which Asset is sent for investment by the Strategist. Typically a purpose-built smart contract or multisignature wallet.

  5. The Pool Token Name: The name of the Pool ERC20 Token.

  6. The Pool Token Symbol: The symbol of the Pool ERC20 Token.

  7. Whitelist: The address of the whitelist policy associated to the Pool. If None is specified then a new Whitelist is deployed.

  8. Launch Pool Button: click on the Button to deploy and configure the Investment Pool with its dependencies

  9. Skip: Use If you already deployed a Pool (e.g. by directly interacting with the Factory) and only want to configure the front-end

Phase II: Creating the Pool front-end

Once the smart contracts have been deployed to the blockchain, the next step is to configure the Pool front-end on the Investor Portal. The form to this effect is structured along 13 elements:

  1. Pool Name: Sets the Pool Name on the front-end, by default identical to the token name. Note that although the Pool Name can be changed on the front-end, the token name is immutable.

  2. The Pool Launch Date: Configure the official Pool launch date which appears on the front-end. By default equal to the smart contract creation date.

  3. The Pool Token: Address of the Pool smart contract. Should only be modified if you skipped phase I.

  4. Chain: The Blockchain the Pool is deployed on.

  5. Running Yield: Display a Running Yield figure. Tick or untick the box for the figure to be shown or not.

  6. Risk Level: Select a risk level for the Pool (1 to 7). Choice of the Risk level must be made following a holistic evaluation. By means of reference here is a summary guideline for traditional investment funds.

  7. Administrator: Select the Company, which will be highlighted as Administrator on the Pool front-end. The selected company will need to verify this attribution via a verification link for the Pool to be displayed on the front-end.

  8. Strategist: Select the Company, which will be highlighted as Strategist on the Pool front-end. The selected company will need to verify this attribution via a verification link for the Pool to be displayed on the front-end.

  9. Type: Select the category to which the Pool belongs: e.g. long-short, real assets ....

  10. Key Benefits: Highlight the top benefits of investing into this particular Pool.

  11. Objectives: The Pool Investment Objectives.

  12. How it works: Describe the Investment methodology and how the Strategist works behind the scenes.

  13. Create Pool: Creates the Pool front-end.

Phase III: Optional Information

Once the Pool front-end has been created you may optionally add some more colour for the Pool investors by adding data on underlying tokens, protocols and the Pool Treasury addresses. These steps can be skipped.

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