The Pool End-of-life

Liquidation is used to close down Pool operations in an orderly fashion and allow investors to directly withdraw their investment.

Entering liquidation

The Pool can be placed in liquidation at any time via the 'Other Actions' panel.

Note: Caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_LIQUIDATION privilege.

Note: This cannot be reversed.

Consequences of liquidation

When in liquidation:

  • The Pool cannot accept any new deposit

  • No transfer can be made anymore to the PoolTreasury.

  • All rewards are set to 0, including the burn reward.

  • Investors may directly withdraw from the Pool at NAV by calling the liquidate() method

Withdrawing during liquidation

Any investor may directly withdraw from the Pool when it is in liquidation. This can be done by calling liquidate() on the relevant InvestmentPoolCore smart contract.

Note: When in Liquidation, the OutflowPool contract cannot be used to withdraw anymore.

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