The Pool Management Dashboard is composed as follows:

  1. A top navigation panel

  2. Pool addresses: The list of the significant blockchain addresses that make out the Investment Pool, such as the main contract address, the inflowPool address.... It is also from here that you may elect to give an override right to the Protocol ('Protocol Oversight'). When the box is ticked, the Protocol may change the Pool Administrator.

  1. Pool Values: Check the contract Asset Balance, current NAV, total supply... You can also check from here the amount of due rewards and have them paid

  2. Pool Rewards: Check and configure the current Pool rewards. More on this here.

  3. Pool Treasury: Check the balance of the Investment Pool in its Base Currency and either

    1. Transfer it to the Treasury for management by the Strategist

    2. Make a distribution to token holders

    3. Make an arbitrary payment

  4. Pool Admin: Here you can check the administration gas costs and claim a reimbursement. More on this here.

  5. Pool Status: Here you can check the pending in- and outflows and configure deposit and withdrawal minimum/maximum as well as cooldown times. More on this here.

  6. Update NAV Chart: Update the Investor Portal Pool NAV chart. This data is automatically updated on a periodic basis and you might want to manually force an update.

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