Claim Gas costs

You can check your gas expenses and claim reimbursement from the Investment Pool in the Pool dashboard.

Checking gas expenses and setting gas computation parameters

Gas Expenses are accounted in the 'Pool Admin' panel. The parameters used to compute these expenses can be seen and modified by clicking on 'Gas Cost Values'

Gas Cost computation depends on three parameters:

  • The Base Gas Cost: The minimum gas cost of any transaction, by default 21'000

  • The Call Data Gas Cost: The gas cost for a non-zero byte of calldata, by default 16

  • SStore Gas Cost: the gas cost of the SSTORE operation, by default 5'000

These Values can be changed if the caller has the FLAG_GASCOST_UPDATE privilege.

Claiming Gas Reimbursement

You can claim gas expense reimbursement with the 'Claim Gas Compensation' button. Note that you must have the FLAG_GAS_REIMBURSEMENT privilege to do so and that gas expense accounting is done individually for each administrator (you can not claim the expenses of another user).

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