Inflows and Outflows

Checking pending In- and Outflows

Pending In- and Outflows may be checked from the batch settlement panel or within the Pool Dashboard.

From the Pool Status component, you may also take the following actions:

  • Configuring Pool Cooldown: Configure a time (in seconds) during which requested deposits or withdrawals may not be cancelled. Typical use-case is to smooth out cash management and prevent grieving attacks whereby the net expected flows are made highly unstable by users hoping in and out. Maximum value is one month and the caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_POOL_COOLDOWN_CHANGE privilege.

  • Set Deposit and Withdraw limits: Configure minimum and maximum deposit or withdraw limits. To have no maximum limit, set it to zero. Caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_DEPOSITLIMIT_CHANGE or FLAG_WITHDRAWLIMIT_CHANGE privilege.

  • Pause Pools: When ticked, prevents new inflows (resp. outflows) requests. Caller needs to be cleared for the FLAG_PAUSE_INFLOWPOOL or FLAG_PAUSE_OUTFLOWPOOL privilege.

Handling In- and Outflows

To handle in- and outflows, go the batch settlement panel.

  1. You will first be asked to update Total Asset and Benchmark Values.

  2. You will then see a projection of net expected flows as of latest NAV and be given the choices of settling inflows, outflows or both. Note that outflows may only be handled if current inflows and the Pool cash balance cover the expected cash outflow.

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