How to Invest in a Cadmos Pool

Investment Pool deposits are handled in the Pool chosen Base Currency. Deposits are by default permissionless and the Pool Administrator can configure the following restrictions:

  • Minimum and maximum deposit limits

  • Investor Whitelist

If you qualify to invest in the Pool, you will be able to click on the "Deposit" Button at the bottom right of the Pool Page.

Deposit Workflow


The First Step is to approve the Investment Pool deposit smart contract for the base currency.

There are two options:

  • Approve Exact: Approve the contract for the exact amount you intend to deposit.

  • Approve Max: Approve the contract for any deposit amount. By selecting this option you will be able to deposit in the future in one step instead of two, hence saving on gas costs.


Once the contract has been approved you will be able to deposit the intended amount.

After depositing into the smart contract, you will be queued with other depositors into the subscription smart contract. Your deposit will only effectively be converted into new Investment Pool shares upon the Administrator's order, during batch-settlement.

While your deposit is in queue, you will see an amount under the Processing Deposit section of the Pool Page Wallet Panel.

Cancelling a Deposit

You may cancel an in-process deposit by clicking on the "Cancel Deposit" button at the bottom right of the Pool Page.

Note: The Administrator may configure a Deposit Cooldown period, which is a minimum waiting time before a pending deposit can be cancelled.

Collecting your tokens

Once the deposit is processed, you can collect your freshly minted Investment Pool tokens by using the Collect button at the bottom right of the Pool Page.

You can easily add the Investmen tPool token to Metamask by clicking on the dedicated button at the top right of the Pool Page.

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